• Bri Young


    Bri is a native to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Growing up on this special sandbar made her fall in love with the ocean at an early age. She worked as a surf instructor in New Zealand, Hawaii and back home on the Outer Banks, where she now resides with her husband Riley and baby boy (soon to be 2 baby boys!). She is EMT certified and has worked as an Ocean Rescue lifeguard for 14 years. Her love for surfing, art, and teaching led her to create Outer Surf with the hopes of inspiring and encouraging other girls!

  • Riley Young


    Riley was born and raised on a small island off the coast of North Queensland, Australia. He's always been drawn to ocean activities like surfing, surf lifesaving, fishing, and spearfishing. He learned to surf when he was young, but his passion for surfing didn't take hold until later in life when he travelled to the US. He began surfing every opportunity he got. It wasn't long before he started helping Bri with surf camps and lesson and fell in love with that too. "The joy shared with someone when they get the surfing bug for the first time is an awesome feeling and it keeps me coming back for more."

  • Olivia Markowski

    Shop Manager and Brand Director

    Olivia inherited her love of the ocean from her mom, who was at her happiest on a bodyboard. After years of maintaining her long distance relationship with surfing from Richmond, she took the plunge and moved down here to be closer to the ocean and a community of fellow water people. She recently joined the team at Outer Surf after leaving a consulting job and now comes home saying things like “I had the best time at work today” and “I love my job.”

  • Lindsey Herring

    Surf Camp Manager/Retreat Leader

    Lindsey Herring is a longtime surfer and has been a surf instructor for 10+ years. She became a Certified Health and Life Coach back in 2017 and now shares her passion and knowledge of healthy eating and active lifestyle with us through morning meditation and journaling. She has instructed group and individual surf lessons for young girls and mentored them through group empowerment sessions focused on self esteem, self care and self expression. Lindsey is encouraging in and out of the water and passionate about connecting with people and helping them find a love for surfing by building strong relationships and a sense of community.

    Lindsey's Wellness Coaching 
  • Megan Dixon

    Retreat Leader and Surf Instructor

    Megan grew up here on the Outer Banks, and although she always loved the ocean she didn’t take up surfing until she was 37. Megan says learning to surf is the best decision she’s ever made, and you can find her in the water all year round. She’s especially passionate about teaching women to surf, subscribing to the philosophy that it’s never too late in life to learn something new (even when it’s really hard)! Alongside her husband, Lewis, Megan owns and operates Waymaker Charters, an inshore fishing charter company out of Wanchese, NC.

    Megan's Fishing Charter Business 
  • Tatum Dermatas

    Surf Instructor and Shop Associate

    Tatum fell in love with surfing at the age of 6, when she moved to the Outer Banks. Along with surfing she loves to run, skate, skim, and make art. Tatum is one of our lead surf instructors for lessons. She absolutely loves sharing her passion for the ocean through teaching kids how to surf.

  • Julianna Forte

    Surf Instructor

    Julianna is a native of the Outer Banks whose passion for the ocean is never ending. Loving everything water, her obsession is surfing. Julianna surfs through the winter and feels at home in the ocean. When there is no surf, Julianna enjoys skateboarding, playing the ukulele, and creating art. She’s excited to share her positive energy and love of the ocean with others who want to learn how to surf!

  • Liz Sorrell

    Surf Instructor

    Liz is an NC native but has spent the last 15 years in SoCal, NYC & now South Africa. A water-baby since birth, Liz is an avid surfer, free-diver, bodysurfer & water photographer. Working within various international programs she teaches surfing & swimming for youth empowerment in & out of the water. An Art Director by trade she loves to capture imagery & share the incredible effect that Mama Ocean has on each person with a desire to learn. She hopes to forever share her love for the sea & give others the confidence, knowledge & education to become stoked surfers & rad conservationists.

  • Bella Alexander

    Surf Instructor

    Bella is a local to the Outer Banks. She started surfing at age 6 and has loved it ever since. When Bella isn’t surfing, she’s playing volleyball, swimming, reading, or at the beach. Her favorite thing about being an instructor is seeing people smile and hearing them laugh while surfing.

  • Arielle Becker

    Surf Instructor

    From the sandy shores of the Outer Banks to the pristine breaks of Bali, Arielle has chased waves across the globe, gaining insights into different surfing cultures and techniques. She was an Outer Banks Ocean Rescue Lifeguard for four years and has ample experience in the water. She loves sharing her passion for surfing with anyone of any age and is dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive surf community where everyone can thrive. Whether you’re seeking thrills, relaxation, or a little bit of both, she is here to guide you and your family every step of the way.

  • Willy Holmes

    Surf Instructor

    Willy grew up on the Outer Banks in a very close-knit community. He loves connecting with people through his passions of surfing and cooking. He earned a degree in culinary arts from The Art Institute of Charleston and has extensive work history with restaurants up and down the beach. Willy started a Granola business as an extension of his passion for cooking and sharing with the community. Willy is thrilled to share waves, ideas, and a healthy surf snack with his community. Check out Willy's Family Surf Club and his granola!

    Willys Family Surf Club and Granola

  • Zach Edwards

    Surf Instructor

    Zach is our long hair longboard wizard. He enjoys sharing his passion for surfing with people from all walks of life. While Zach lives on the Outer Banks most of the year, he spends his winters surfing the warm waters of Puerto Rico, Bali, and other tropical areas.

    When he's not teaching surf lessons he's running his business, OBX Grill Doctor. If you have a grill that needs cleaning, Zach is your guy! Check out his business below :)

    Outer Banks Grill Dr 
  • Stefan Turko

    Surf Instructor

    Stefan grew up on the Outer Banks. He is a dedicated waterman, spending his days surfing and fishing. With incredible talent and strong family ties in the local surfing community, Stefan is your ideal surf coach and guide.

  • Avery Harris

    Surf Instructor

    Avery loves living at the beach and spending her summers helping out with surf camp and teaching lessons. When she is not working you'll find her in the water surfing. She also loves to skate and spend time with her family and friends.

  • Ellee Thomas

    Jr Surf Instructor

    Ellee was born and raised in Colorado. She spends her summers here in Nags Head, NC. Ellee enjoys surfing, snowboarding, painting and spending time with family and friends. At her young age she is well traveled and loves to explore new places. Ellee found that surfing helped her cope with anxiety and be more comfortable in the ocean. After this summer, instead of returning to Colorado Ellee plans to attend a marine biology school in the Bahamas for a semester to continue exploring her love for the ocean.

  • Leighton Dutt

    Jr Surf Instructor

    Leighton has lived on the Outer Banks her whole life. She discovered her love for surfing in a camp similar to Outer Surf. She enjoys helping people of all ages learn to do what she loves most! Leighton's favorite thing about teaching surf lessons and helping with surf camp is watching people improve. She truly enjoys meeting new people from all over and loves sharing her passion!

  • Isla Molton

    Jr Surf Instructor

    Isla, a native to the Outer Banks, has been immersed in ocean life since childhood. Her surfing journey began with her father pushing her into waves at a young age, but her passion for the sport really blossomed when she was 12. Nowadays, she's devoted to shortboarding, often hitting the waves with her dad and friends. Since 2023, Isla has been teaching surfing lessons at Outersurf, particularly enjoying working with grom girls. When she's not surfing, she enjoys reading, practicing the guitar, and spending time with loved ones.

  • Moira Furr

    Moira, an Outer Banks local, discovered her passion for surfing at the age of 9 through summer camps she attended with her sister. Now an avid surfer, she finds joy in introducing others to the sport and witnessing their excitement and newfound love for it. When she’s not catching waves, Moira enjoys running, snowboarding, playing the ukulele and cello, and spending quality time with her family, friends, and three cats. She’s eagerly anticipating a summer filled with excellent waves and plenty of smiles!

  • Silas Rogers

    Jr Surf Instructor

    Silas was born on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. He spends his summer surfing all along the coast of Hatteras and the Northern Outer Banks. Silas has been surfing since he was 4 years old. He also loves drawing, skating, traveling, and spending time with his friends and family. If he could go anywhere in the world to surf, he would go to the Maldives in Indonesia. 

  • Joey Harris

    Surf Instructor

    Joey’s mom's side of the family is from the Outer Banks, and his dad’s family is from Michigan. Joey was born in California and lived in Virginia and Michigan throughout his 17 years. He has been coming to the OBX since he was little and spent every summer there since he was 8 no matter where he was living. He began to stand up on his boogie board as a young boy using it as a surfboard. It was then he knew he would take to surfing and grow to love the sport. When he is not in the Outer Banks he is finding spots to surf on the Great Lakes. During Michigan winters he snowboards and finds time to visit the OBX when there is a good swell. He finds joy in teaching others something he has such a passion for and is excited for the upcoming season!