Outer Banks, NC

We are a locally owned and operated surf school and surf shop in Nags Head, NC. We specialize in surf camps and offer surf lessons and beginner coaching sessions for boys and girls of all ages.

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Summer 2024

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About Us

“Before Outer Surf there was Outer Babes, an all girls surf club I started back in 2017. The purpose of Outer Babes was to connect young local surfer girls through a shared passion for surfing and art. I created Outer Babes out of my own desire for a female surf community. It became everything that I once longed for as a young girl growing up on the Outer Banks. Outer Babes planted the seed that eventually blossomed into Outer Surf.”

-Bri Young, Founder 

Bri is a native to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. She founded Outer Surf in 2018 and now runs the business with her husband and an incredible team of surf instructors.

Through their surf lessons, camps, and community events, they’ve created a place where individuals can explore the Art of Surfing, express themselves freely, and connect with one another.

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