Surf Lessons

Outer Surf lessons and coaching sessions consist of instruction both on the beach and in the water with highly experienced instructors.

On The Beach

  • Ocean Safety
  • Ocean conditions including swell, tides, wind, and currents
  • Surfboard Anatomy
  • Board handling
  • Paddling and “pop ups”

     In the Ocean

    • Board control
    • Basics of paddling
    • Reading waves 
    • Catching waves
    • Riding waves!

    * All participants must know how to swim.

    • Private Lesson


      90 minutes

      A private lesson consists of one on one instruction on the beach and in the water. Equipment is provided. We offer private lessons for both boys and girls of all ages.

      Private lessons are also great for advanced beginners/intermediates looking for a 90 minute coaching session!

    • Couple Lesson


      90 minute lesson for 2 people

      A couple lesson consists of instruction on the beach and in the water for two people. We have 1 instructor for 2 surfers. Equipment is provided.

    • Group Lesson


      90 minute lesson for 3+ people

      A group lesson consists of instruction on the beach and in the water for a group of 3 or more people. Our instructor to student ratio is 1:3. Equipment is provided. Group lessons are great for families, bachelorette parties, or a group of friends wanting to learn how to surf together!

      *You bring your own group

      We LOVE accomodating travel and school groups. For groups of 10+ please call us to book (252)715-1445 and receive a discounted price!

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    • Matt Rogers

      "We had a terrific time here! I personally got to check one off the bucket list. First, let me speak to all the “Dad Bodz” out there: Try it. You know you want to & you can do it!!

      Bry and Rielly (lord, I’m sorry if I’ve misspelled) are two of the greats of the Outer Banks! Their team took a family of inlanders and turned them into superstars, if only for a day! I wish them all the best and look forward to jamming with them again. My daughters, nieces, and nephews thank you as well!"


    • Lori Jeltema

      "I'd give them 10 stars if possible! Hands down the kids favorite experience in a while. The instructors were quickly picked things up and enjoyed themselves. The staff was great (had to reschedule because of a family illness). We opted for 2 instructors (one for each child). This was only a little more expensive but well worth it for the peace of mind and to make sure they each received individual attention. We also booked 2 days instead of one - which worked out great since the second day was a bit windy and more difficult. I'd definitely do this again and even consider having more lessons since it's hard for the kids to get the board out on their own sometimes. They arranged for a photographer to come out (also reasonably priced) and she did a great job. Kids loved it all!"

    • Tula Rice

      "Big Shout out! Thank you outer Surf for hooking my son up and getting his confidence boosted! We had been to several other places on the island and were turned down for surf lessons. My son who is high functioning Autism ADD: ADHD and High ANIXtY…. Well Arial his instructor was Amazing. She took the time to make sure my son was comfortable and was just a perfect match to teach him… He popped up on the second wave and has been hooked ever since… His twin sister is so excited to have him surfing with her and I am so proud of both of them! So if you have a High Functional child with Autism and they want to learn how to surf …. This is the place to be! Let the instructor know your kids issues so they can be prepared and get them up and surfing ! You won’t be sorry! I can not thank outer surf enough! 💕💕"