Tips For Winter Surfing

Tips For Winter Surfing

Get the Right Gear

The key to having successful sessions in the winter is having the right gear! Check the average temperatures in your area to make sure you have the right thickness of wetsuit, boots, and possibly gloves. If you’re unsure about what type of gear you need, stop by a local surf shop or ask other surfers in the area. 

Generally, you should be okay if you have a 4/3mm unless you’re in an area where water averages out at 50 degrees. Also, when finding the right fit of wetsuit, you want your suit to be snug but have flexibility to move around or paddle. Wetsuits tend to stretch over time, so you never want too much extra room! Each company has their own fit guide, but don’t get discouraged if you haven’t found the right suit! It takes time and it is an investment, so don’t rush. 

If you are on a budget look into second hand wetsuits online or at your local surf shop. Give the suit a good wash with dish soap and water and it will be good as new!

Extra Tip: Ask your local shop about the best wax for the current season. Having softer wax in the colder months is key to getting the best grip on your stick.


Don’t Get Discouraged

Surfing in a wetsuit can be a serious challenge. There’s extra weight, less mobility, and there’s just more gear to keep track of. Don’t let that discourage you! 

Practicing paddling with a wetsuit is a great way to keep up your stamina for the warmer seasons. Even if you go out and just play in the white wash with the extra layers, you’ll feel like a brand new surfer by the time you get to peel that neoprene off. 

Extra Tip: Surf in the winter with friends! It’s much easier to feel more motivated with pals!


Planning is Key

Surfing in the winter means more preparation! Pay attention to swells and give yourself plenty of extra time to get suited up. Having all that extra time will help you not feel rushed to get out in the water and forget something important. 

Make sure to pay attention to swells and storms! That can seriously alter the temperatures outside. You might see sun on the forecast, but that could mean a serious cold front. Make sure you have the right gear for the right conditions! 

Extra Tip: Pack your surf gear the night before you plan on paddling out. Double check to have all the gear you need. You don’t want to get to the break and forget your booties. No one likes cold toes! 


Treat Yourself!

This is a fun one. Something we like to do to make surfing in the cold water more enticing is keeping a post-surf treat in the car for after. Pack yourself a warm coffee, cocoa, or tea! 

There are few better feelings than sipping on a warm treat after a chilly session. If it’s later in the day plan to grab a brew after your session! Pack a good book or journal about your session. The highlights, the lows, all of it!


That’s a Wrap

With all of that, are you ready to charge some cold-water surf? Take your time and get in the water when you feel comfortable. Be sure to have the right gear and have fun! Happy surfing and remember surfing is a journey. 

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