The Top 5 Ways to Stay in Surfing Shape

The Top 5 Ways to Stay in Surfing Shape

*Note: We are not licensed, trainers. These are all suggestions that have been made from personal experiences. If you have any particular issues with exercise, see a doctor or personal trainer.*

The temperatures have dropped, the swells have gotten bigger, and you aren’t spending as much time in the water as you’d like. Winter time is here, but you still want to stay in surfing shape for when warmer weather rolls around. Here are some tips and tricks to practice at home to keep you in surfing shape!


Yoga is a great exercise that combines flexibility and strength. Two key elements to becoming a strong surfer! While practicing your flows, try to envision being on your board. Hold your push-up position for longer to build strength and practice a flowy pop-up. Repetition is key! Your body will have an easier time remembering what to do on the board when you get back in the water.

The beauty of yoga is you can easily find a local studio to join, or if you’re on a budget, you can practice at home. All you need is a mat, a phone or computer, and yourself! If you’re stuck trying to find a good online source for yoga, check out Yoga with Adriene!

Breath Holding

If you’ve spent time surfing, then you know that getting tossed around on the inside is part of the journey! Keeping your lungs strong during your off-season is a great way to stay in surfing shape. Not only does it help to increase your stamina, but it will also help you to stay calm during more intense situations.

Don’t rush into this exercise! Take your time building or strength and use it as a practice of mindfulness. A common breath holding exercise is to breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, then release for 4 seconds. If you’re curious about continuing to build breath hold strength, check out the Wim Hoff theory!


While surfing can be an easygoing sport, it can also be quite the workout. If you want longer sessions, try to build up your physical endurance during the off-season. Cardio exercises will help your lung capacity strengthen so you can spend more time in the water surfing and less time on the beach!


Balance is key when training in the off-season. And if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it! There are tons of different balance boards out there that you can try or keep it simple! Try balancing for 10 - 15 seconds on one foot at a time. Up the time each session and maybe get a little wild and have your mate toss you a ball while you're on one foot! 

If you are interested in practicing with a balance board, be very conscious of your surroundings! Keep a safe distance from any furniture and maybe have a friend help you get the hang of it. Remember that surfing is a journey, and practice, practice, practice.


One of the best ways to improve your surfing when you’re not able to get into the water is watching! Whether you live by a sick break and you can watch your mates surfing or if you’re simply watching your favorite surf film, allowing yourself to envision the waves and movement is a great way to improve! Notice your favorite styles and note your favorite surfers. What would it feel like to move like them? How are they popping up? What kind of waves are they paddling for? 

For an extra fun activity, get a couple of friends together for a Surf movie night on the next chilly winter day. Cozy up, get stoked, and enjoy some snacks. Surf films are always better with friends.

To Wrap it Up

Staying in surfing shape is a great way to occupy yourself during the off season! And think of it this way, staying in shape for the next surf season will help in the long run. Then hopefully charge new swells in the future! If you have any questions or just want to stoke out, make sure to follow OuterSurf on all social platforms!

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