Outer Swell Surf Retreat Recap

Outer Swell Surf Retreat Recap

“The sunshine, the perfect weather and the joy of surfing for the first time made the morning absolutely magical!

Just a few weeks ago we hosted our second Outer Swell Surf Retreat. It was an incredible weekend full of waves, yoga, delicious food, new friendships, a full moon, and even an ice cream dance party.

We wanted to make sure the retreat participants had the chance to score some great surf in warmer water so we went a little south to Frisco, North Carolina. Frisco is a little over an hour south on Hatteras Island and is known for its amazing waves, warm water, and small town vibes. It was the perfect place to learn the basics of surfing and experience all the things that make the Outer Banks so special.

We arrived at our ocean front house on Thursday evening and enjoyed the beautiful view from the top floor of the ocean and sandbar where we’d surf for the next 3 days. The house was equipped with all the necessities including a pool, a hot tub and steps away from our own private surf break! Once all the women got to the house, we began the retreat with a special opening ceremony. Instantly, you could feel bonds forming between everyone. We wrapped up the night with a basic surf lesson including an intro to pop-ups, surf terminology, and ocean safety.

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