Introducing Outer Surf's Team Rider: Julianna!

Introducing Outer Surf's Team Rider: Julianna!

Introducing Outer Surf's Team Rider: Julianna! Julianna isn’t just a surfer, she is a force to be reckoned with in and out of the water. Her positive energy can be felt by everyone she meets and she is a true artist on the longboard. Whether she's teaching a last minute lesson or simply hanging in the shop, she's loved by everyone for her infectious enthusiasm. Native to the Outer Banks, she's always eager to share her passion of surfing in OBX with others near and far. We recently caught up with her to learn more about what makes her shine!

When did you start surfing? 

“I started surfing when I was 6, my dad started pushing me into waves around then. But I really started getting into surfing around the age 12 during covid!

What is your go to board?

 “Definitely my longboard shaped by Uncle Leo, he is the best!” 

What song gets you ready to charge? 

“Any of my dad’s CDs in his car, anything by the Beach boys and yes I will be at the concert this summer!”  

What is your dream surf spot? 

“Anywhere in the Outer Banks, I love surfing at home! Or sunset in Hawaii!”

Surfin Spoon or The Spot?

“It is so hard to choose, I love the acai bowls at The Spot and the frozen yogurt at Surfin Spoon."

Best post-surf meal or snack

“Meat! Steak, hamburger, fish. I love a good tuna.” 

What superpower would you want to have?

"I want to be a mermaid, obviously! Or have gills. Anything to be able to hold my breath under water."

What is your biggest fear?

Not being able to surf! 

What do you do when it is flat?

If I can’t surf I will skate, play guitar, fish, or just hang out at the beach!

What artist would you love to see live? 

"Cor de lux, Red Dawn’s band! I love the local music here!"

Eat two cockroaches or break your board?

“Are they live? (yes)  Cooked? (no) I guess it is protein!”

Best spot on the beach to watch the sunset?

“Jockey’s Ridge” 

What is your strangest talent? Not surf related?

I can do a backflip? I just learned how to knit and am currently knitting what will hopefully turn out to be a blanket or scarf! Also I hold my breath in school.. Before my trip to Hawaii I would try to hold my breath as long as I could without passing out in my boring classes.”

What would your dream career be besides being a pro surfer?

“I would love to own a little plant shop in the Outer Banks and work there 2 hours a day and then go surfing and fishing the rest of the day!”


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