Introducing Outer Surf's Team Rider: Avery Harrison!

Introducing Outer Surf's Team Rider: Avery Harrison!

Introducing Outer Surf's Team Rider: Avery Harrison! Avery usually can be found at the Abalone beach access capitalizing on all the beach time she can get, whether it’s shredding the gnar, lounging in the sun or body surfing the beach break. She just wrapped up her senior year and is ready to pursue her passion in surfing and travel. Her calm and cool demeanor comes from always being in the water and staying one with the waves. We sat down to get to know Avery a bit more and here is what we found out:

When did you start surfing? 

“I started surfing around the age of 13 and my friends kind of got me into it."

What is your go to board?

 “My go to board is my 5’6 Sharpi board, it is fun”

What song gets you ready to charge? 

“I like listening to Fleetwood Mac before I go surf” 

What is your dream surf spot? 

“Probably somewhere in Bali or I really want to go to Australia”

Surfing Spoon or The Spot?

“That's a hard one, I am either in the mood for ice cream, or acai. I like smoothies and acai bowls from the spot but I think Surfin spoon is really good too.”

Best post-surf meal or snack

“Probably Poke box or a good smoothie!"

What superpower would you want to have?

“Teleportation! So i can teleport to any surf spot in the world.”

What is your biggest fear?

“I’m pretty scared of sharks, actually”

What do you do when it is flat?

“I like to skate with my friends or I like to go sandboarding”

What artist would you love to see live?

 “Probably Fleetwood Mac”

Eat two cockroaches or break your board?

“Break my board.”

Best spot on the beach to watch the sunset?

“Jockey’s Ridge!” 

What is your strangest talent? Not surf related?

Oh gosh! I can do a backflip too. I bake the best chocolate chip banana bread and I can do a backflip!”

What would your dream career be besides being a pro surfer?

“Own my own smoothie shop!"

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